Running For Tyndale

$1.2 million went to scholarships, bursaries and financial aid.

The majority of Tyndale students need assistance to pay for their education. A way to ease their financial burden is through scholarships and bursaries which are supported by the generosity of supporters like you. Faculty, staff, students and alumni are also helping through the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. In the last three years, over $36,000 has been raised!

“As Christians, we have a responsibility to support the Kingdom and missions through finance and through our giving and generosity… it’s good for as many students as possible to be able to come and learn and be educated here. I think Tyndale truly is a great place to study that is also doing amazing things for the world.”

James Brooks
Coordinator, Global and Community Engagement

“I love Tyndale and am so proud to be a part of its community. I know many students have to sacrifice financially in order to pursue the incredible Christian higher education offered here at Tyndale. I wanted to help support our students in a tangible way.”

Joanna Royal
Senior Accountant

“Giving in this way… is inspiring because we are helping propel Tyndale students to realize their potential, their dreams, their impact; and to equip them to take the hope found in Christ to a world that so desperately needs it.”

Stella Josiah
External Relations Coordinator

“We are doing something great for the Tyndale community – as the Tyndale community! Being a student myself, I understand the importance of financial support.”

Johnny Kao
BA Biblical Studies, 2017

“Because I, myself, grew up in a single-parent home and had to pay for my own tuition, I care about students who have to pay for their own university tuition and come from financially struggling families.”

Dr. Natasha Duquette
Associate Academic Dean
Associate Professor of English, Chair, Department of English

The Tyndale Foundation is an official charity of this year’s run on October 22, 2017. You can join the 5-km, half-marathon, and marathon team too! Contact to learn more.