President's Report

Everyday I see God at work in the lives of students...

"I am so very grateful for you because we could not build this kind of university and seminary without you."

It always happens at graduation. This year was no different. I was overwhelmed as I watched over 320 graduates walk across the stage to receive their degrees. Dreams become reality as university students graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business, English, Psychology, Human Services, Philosophy and Biblical & Theological Studies. Others received their Bachelor of Education degree or a focused undergraduate ministry degree. Families beam with pride. Friends and loved ones could not cheer enough. You enabled these dreams.

Seminary graduation is always a happening! Family, church members and friends gather to celebrate their ‘call’ and ‘commitment’ to pastoral ministry, counselling, spiritual formation or a more integrated vocational life. They too are launched, moving into a variety of professions, post-graduate studies and ministry frameworks.

Tyndale University College was birthed in 2003, emerging after 109 years of history out of the clear need for a Christian university in the heart of one of the most strategic cities in Canada. The province, through legislation, made us part of the pluralism of options offered to students seeking an undergraduate university education. It was - and remains - an enormous opportunity. Tyndale’s university educational model opposes a culture obsessed with simply building resumes and 'good' careers. By integrating faith, emotion and intellect, Tyndale offers its students the ability to thrive in the marketplace with disciplined minds, transformed characters and purposeful souls.

The seminary has been built over 40+ years and has grown to become the largest graduate school of theology in Canada. It serves more than 1,000 students annually with a cultural mix of nations. Students value Tyndale Seminary’s academic rigor, transformational community experience and an ethnic and denominational diversity which challenges and fascinates.

Every day I see God at work in the lives of students. I am so very grateful because we could not build this kind of university and seminary without you. The year ahead is already filled with challenges. I am encouraged knowing we do not do this alone.

With gratitude,

Gary Nelson's Signature

Gary V. Nelson, DMin
President and Vice Chancellor
Tyndale University College
Tyndale Seminary